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What happens at the Talent Campus Crucible Party?

The new conclusion to Talent Campus is an industry party that we throw for the campers. The ratio is around one camper to two guests – agents, directors, producers etc.

Ahead of the event we spend the whole day training how to be the most effective person in the room and this causes writers to experience a massive shift – anxiety turns to excitement, results become effortless and most important, relationships are created. Here’s what these campers thought of their experience.

If you want to apply for the next Talent Campus, you can do that HERE.

‘The Crucible was a game changer for me. As a direct result I’ve been approached for a script editing gig, been booked to work on a feature with a director (that a BIG producer has subsequently asked to see), found a producer for another feature I’m working on, and I’m in talks with an agent. Just writing that all down makes me realise how insanely things have changed within a short space of time! That’s the magic of TC!’
Angela Clarke, Screenwriter

‘I now network like crazy, and make it look easy, which is all down to the training.’
Mari Vindis, Screenwriter

‘I loved the Crucible! It gave me the confidence to manoeuvre around a room full of people from the business and talk to them like normal human beings. I had the tools in place to steer the conversation discretely towards my work and gained contacts along the way.’
Mark Renshaw, Screenwriter

‘I love how much the Crucible shifted my energy around networking. It helped me understand what a positive and natural-feeling experience ‘working a room’ can be.’
Aydrea Walden, Screenwriter

‘As a result of the Crucible, I have received 3 script requests and a Producer has also asked for a meeting.’
Fionna Hunniset, Screenwriter

‘The Crucible was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learned how to network as never before and I have got three requests for my one-pagers and another for one of my scripts.’
Lorenzo Colonna, Screenwriter

‘One thing we learned at the Crucible was to become the connector, the facilitator during networking events. I introduced two of my fellow campers to a director that they both connected well with and things are really accelerating for one of them. So, I might just get a ‘Special thanks’-credit and an invite to release party!’
Susan Vermeer, Screenwriter

‘I used to consider networking a dirty word. The Crucible completely changed my attitude and since then and after networking I’ve had producers and directors asking to see my scripts. I’m now treating that side of my writing career with more respect than ever before.’
Robert Taylor, Screenwriter

‘The Crucible and the training around it has made me feel much more confident about networking and presenting myself as a writer to producers and directors. A producer that I met at the Crucible asked for a one-pager the next day and since then has said that they would love to work with me to develop a feature script. The process has made me feel far more able to have professional discussions and I now feel entitled to be a part of the conversation.’
Desi Lyon, Screenwriter

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