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Talent Campus Submissions

OK this is it…

YOUR Adventure Is About To Begin…

But first a form. Doh!

We have done our best to keep it short and human. So…

Before submitting your application, you will need to prepare some stuff.

You will also be asked for the obvious stuff like name and email etc.

Two children in superhero costumes hold hands and run through a field at sunset.

And you will also be asked some longer questions which you may want to write in a word doc first, then copy and paste. They are…

  • What format(s) are you writing for? (TV series, indie film, continuing drama, big budget cinema, etc.) (150 characters max)
  • Why do you want to be involved in the Talent Campus? (1000 characters max)
  • What do you perceive is your block to success? (1000 characters max)
  • What fear stops you from progressing in your career? (50 characters max)
You will be asked for two uploads as word or PDF files. They are…
  • First ten pages of a feature film or TV script (this does not have to be from a finished script) (doc, docx, pdf only)
  • One page synopsis from the same feature film or TV script (doc, docx, pdf only)

NOTE. We use Google Forms, so you will need to login with a Google email. And it has some scary Google talk on the form. Happily we can translate if needed. It will say…

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form. Only the email you enter is part of your response.
(human speak translation: Google is letting you know that it knows you are using Google. We know! Facepalm.)

And then it says ominously….

Any files that are uploaded will be shared outside of the organization they belong to.
(human speak translation: we can read your submission.)

Glad we got that out of the way.

Here’s a photo of some puppies to cleanse the palette.

OK, once you have all that ready, you can engage booster rockets and complete the form by clicking the big red button below.

Two fluffy golden retriever puppies are sitting together on a white background. One puppy nuzzles the other.

After your are done, you should get a copy of your responses via email and we will be in touch soon thereafter.