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Day One (Wednesday 27th November 2024) // Career Ignition!

Objective: To start the campus from a position of power.
Ealing Studios, London W5 5EP
Wednesday 27th November 2024

Chris Jones, founder and Creative Director of The London Screenwriters’ Festival, kicks off the Talent Campus with this seminar. It will examine and pinpoint your present career placement and provide you with the tools and techniques needed to raise your standards and break through personal barriers. Through practical exercises and tasks, you will be challenged to take your career to the next level.

In our experience, people’s own limiting beliefs are what stand in their way. This seminar is designed to shatter your limitations, replacing them with empowering beliefs essential to achieve success as a screenwriter in today’s competitive market.

Past Talent Campus delegates will join us as well, to help focus your expectations.

After lunch we will run a rapid performance exercise on your scripts to offer greater insight into your writing, with particular reference to attracting talent (actors), producers and directors.

Late afternoon: Special Guest – a notable industry player will join us for a candid conversation about screenwriting.

The day will end in an unforgettable Ignition Exercise designed to further focus your mind on how you deal with career challenges.

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  • Application Deadline: 31st August 2024
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David Hitchcox
David Hitchcox
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'I have gone from writing alone, to writing with the strong support of a peer group of fellow writers. From using only my own judgment, to now working with professional script editors and producers who are assessing the quality of my work and helping me decide which projects to pursue in terms of their place in the market.'

Chris Jones // LSF Founder, Filmmaker, Author

Credits include the Oscar®-shortlisted Gone Fishing; author of the Guerilla Handbooks, Mission Impossible 7 and 8 (Splinter unit).
Chris has spent his life making movies, writing books and helping others make their movies. Read Full Bio HERE.

Bob Schultz // Writer, Producer and Instructor

Credits include Below Zero, LondonSWF staffer.
With a career that spans over two decades, Bob Schultz has carved out a substantial niche in the realm of screenwriting and independent film production. Read Full Bio HERE.

Speaker TBC // Talent Campus Guest Speaker

Speaker to be confirmed in due course.