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Talent Campus Momentum (Monday 2nd December 2024 - Thursday 9th January 2025) // Intensive six weeks writing and development period

Objective: To simulate a real world writing-to-deadline experience, supported by your group, coach and with a check in with your mentor.
Distance, you will do from wherever you have internet connection.
Date: Monday 2nd December 2024 – Thursday 9th January 2025

It’s time to write, like you have never written before.

During Talent Campus Ignition you will spend time with your mentor, who will also reconnect with you during this momentum phase.

You will also be assigned a coach who will be helping you maintain momentum and stretch yourself. There will be regularly meetups online, with your writing team and coach as well as some more guest practitioners.

This six week momentum phase will challenge you to laser focus in on your both your project and career and push you to deliver excellence. The experience will feel very much like being a writer under a deadline, working when you might have found reasons not to work in the past. Your writing muscle and creative soul will be trained to do more, do it faster and do it with greater confidence and focus.

  • The ‘Momentum Phase’ is followed by the climax of the Talent Campus, the Crucible.
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  • Application Deadline: 30th June 2024
David Hitchcox
David Hitchcox
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'I have gone from writing alone, to writing with the strong support of a peer group of fellow writers. From using only my own judgment, to now working with professional script editors and producers who are assessing the quality of my work and helping me decide which projects to pursue in terms of their place in the market.'