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Day Three (Thursday 28th November 2024) // Story Pitch and Refining Ideas with Sam Horley for TV / longform projects

Objective: To get a handle on the real world of film sales and distribution and stress test your individual projects. Learn to think like a producer and your writing will become more viable.
Ealing Studios, London W5 5EP
Date: Friday 29th November 2024

Sam Horley will take your project through a series of exercises, move it into the real world where we will find out whether it’s got life as a commercial project, and what tweaks and rewrites could make all the difference. This is ALL about producibility, viability and shifting the writer into the mindset of producer, backer, sales agent and ‘talent’. This is a small group and everyone will get individual feedback from Sam.

In the afternoon, pitching expert Bob Schultz will present a short but rapid-fire session on pitching and presenting your projects to executives and producers.

Late afternoon we close on an exercise that will crystalise your peer groups and the Talent Campus community.

Note: Additional Guest Speakers (TBC) will also be joining us.

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  • Application Deadline: 31st August 2024
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Mark MacNicol
Mark MacNicol
Screenwriter and Film Director
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'I’ve made massive progress with my story thanks to the highly supportive personnel and framework of TC both collectively and also within our smaller group. The calibre of industry professionals I’ve had access to is quite simply incredible.'

Appearing in this session

Samantha Horley // Writer and Script Consultant

Credits include Executive Producer on Grabbers, Miss You Already.
Sam has 20 years’ experience in international film sales, development, production and marketing. Read Full Bio HERE.

Bob Schultz // Writer, Producer and Instructor

Credits include Below Zero, LondonSWF staffer.
With a career that spans over two decades, Bob Schultz has carved out a substantial niche in the realm of screenwriting and independent film production. Read Full Bio HERE.

Speaker TBC // Talent Campus Guest Speaker

Speaker to be confirmed in due course.

Chris Jones // LSF Founder, Filmmaker, Author

Credits include the Oscar®-shortlisted Gone Fishing; author of the Guerilla Handbooks, Mission Impossible 7 and 8 (Splinter unit).
Chris has spent his life making movies, writing books and helping others make their movies. Read Full Bio HERE.