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Pre-Ignition // Starting the process and building the foundations.

Objective: To get those creative juices flowing, start flexing your writers muscle and form bonds and relationships with your fellow campers .
Location: Distance, you will do from wherever you have internet connection.
Date: Period between announcement and TC Day One.

The Talent Campus doesn’t begin on Day One, it begins the moment you say YES and accept your place. In that moment you will feel a shift, and that’s where the real fun begins!

Working remotely you will be set a series of mentor and TC team created assignments, tasks and challenges designed to focus your energy, ignite your passion and give you an insight into real world industry process and practices.

At the same time you will be introduced to your fellow campers within private online networks where bonds, groups and relationships will start to build and flourish.

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  • Application Deadline: 31st August 2024

“It’s been a high-speed, sometimes daunting, but always invigorating introduction to meeting a brief, working to a deadline, and marrying creativity with productivity.”
Matt White, Screenwriter

“The writing assignments have given us a taster of what to expect at Talent Campus – each one has challenged us to hone our writing skills under pressure and up our game. Plus there’s a real camaraderie already building amongst us Campers and that’s before we’ve even met!”
Fiona Hunnisett, Screenwriter

“Talent Campus begins before the first meeting. A virtual group hug with fellow stargazers and some juicy homework pastilles.”
Merlin Goldman, Screenwriter

“It’s a unique adventure that has forced me into rethinking my way of developing ideas. Its professional approach is what I need to push my career forward.”
Lorenzo Colonna, Screenwriter

“Even before it starts properly the assignments make you focus on the writing, on the task, the puzzle. There is no time to think about yourself or any doubts – you just have to get on with it and know that 27 others are doing the same. In this way we feel connected by experience not just words- before we even meet.”
Desi Lyon, Screenwriter

“The view from outside my comfort zone is pretty awesome. And, In the words of Karen Carpenter “we’ve only just begun.”
Ros Jones, Screenwriter