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Day Seven (Saturday 11th January 2025) // The conclusion and creating a compelling future

Objective: To debrief what we have learned, celebrate how far we have come and build a powerful strategy for success beyond the Talent Campus.
Location: Venue TBC
Date: Saturday 11th January 2025

Looking back over the past seven weeks, we share and celebrate our successes and failures, as well as our breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Together, we build a powerful and compelling plan for your future success beyond Talent Campus. You are no longer writing alone, but writing with an extraordinary peer group.

Guest speakers will further illuminate the road ahead, one that you will be excited to walk.

We will conclude Talent Campus in an extraordinary celebration that will galvanise the feelings, emotions and joy that you feel as a screenwriter.

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Sarah Cassidy
Sarah Cassidy
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'I’ve felt like royalty being part of Talent Campus and gained amazing friends along the way.'