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Day Two (Thursday 28th November 2024) // Story Pitch and Refining Ideas with John Yorke for TV / longform projects

Objective: To prepare writers and their projects to find success in the commercial marketplace.
Ealing Studios, London W5 5EP
Date: Thursday 28th November 2024

The day will start with a film business exercise designed to further professionalise your script and career. Then we hand over to John Yorke. Buckle up for this one!

We will then take a script through the production process and into post production to show how and WHY it is so essential to remain involved through on set and post production rewrites.

John Yorke will run this workshop focused on how to identify the value of your work in monetary terms, how to increase its commercial viability and to advise project selection and/or abandonment based on current market trends. You will take your own pre-existing project, idea or concept and, if needed, re-imagine them in a commercial context.

Note: Additional Guest Speakers (TBC) will also be joining us.

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  • Application Deadline: 31st August 2024
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Rachel Paterson
Rachel Paterson
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'The Talent Campus sessions have been absolutely incredible. I’m not aware of a screenwriting course where you can get this kind of intensive input from such an experienced bunch of people, who are currently active and working in the business.'

Appearing in this session

John Yorke // Consultant, Course Director (Into The Story), Narrative Expert

Credits include Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life On Mars, EastEnders.
John is author of Into the Woods and a drama producer, consultant and lecturer on all forms of storytelling. He also executive produced Wolf Hall. Read Full Bio HERE.

Chris Jones // LSF Founder, Filmmaker, Author

Credits include the Oscar®-shortlisted Gone Fishing; author of the Guerilla Handbooks, Mission Impossible 7 and 8 (Splinter unit).
Chris has spent his life making movies, writing books and helping others make their movies. Read Full Bio HERE.

Speaker TBC // Talent Campus Guest Speaker

Speaker to be confirmed in due course.