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Talent Campus Successful Applicants Announced

Congratulations to the selected entrants for this years Talent Campus 3: Total Immersion programme. They are (and not in alphabetical order)…

Amii Griffiths
Amy Culwick
Ben Hyland
Chandana Banerjee
Danielle Wager
Frank Saunders
Gareth Meredith
Graeme Wilcockson
Iris May Wurth
Jennifer Smith
Julie Harford
Laura Crampsie
Leah Dike
Leia Vogelle
Liam Wisker
Liz Holliday
Lucy van Smit
Mandip Dhesi
Marcin Gwizdon
Mark Ginbey
Mary Jane Lowe
Michelle Sarsfield
Miranda Sen
Nick Boocock
Rebecca de Fargues
Richard Slogget
Simon Drewe
Stefan Haselwimmer
Stephanie Ginger
Stephanie Jaclyn
Tarsem Randhawa
Tonya Bolton

See you at the Campus!

Chris Jones

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