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Talent Campus Rocks! What a ride! By Sharon Axcell

Even having read all the testimonials, reviews, the agenda… I wasn’t convinced.

But something told me to go anyway. Something had to change. I’d been hidden away for too long. Been telling myself those stories, giving excuses – that my work wasn’t good enough… that I wasn’t “good enough”. It seems so cliché, yet I know it affects so many of us in the world. We can all relate on some level. Our inner ape is protecting us from harm by playing safe, holding back. But we don’t live in that world any more. We must learn to live in a new world. One that doesn’t have tigers and lions hoping to eat you for breakfast.

And that’s what Talent Campus is all about. I rose. Like a Phoenix. We literally walked on fire, and although it didn’t happen for me right then, I rose from the embers in the last two days, the process all carefully crafted by Chris Jones and his team. I came out from hiding. I am now visible. And my work is out there for all to see – the good, the learnings, the mistakes… and the victories and successes to come. What a journey!

I am now an active participant in my life, with 35 new amazing, active, supportive friends, instead of hoping that it will head in the right direction. I am retaking the reins of my life, my career. It might prove scary for the people I love, but ultimately it will be better for everyone around me. And more. We’re playing a new, brighter, more delightful, fulfilling and exciting game.

And I love it.

Thank you, Chris, and Talent Campus.

And watch this space.

Sharon Axcell

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