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Talent Campus Reflections by Danielle Wager… Apply next time!

Talent Campus is now open for submissions HERE.

I wasn’t supposed to apply for Talent Campus this year, never mind get into it!

I and my writing were nowhere near good enough I told myself.

In my mind that was just a known fact.

I’d looked at the application, and discussed it with my partner.  Telling him all the reasons why I wasn’t going to apply. We couldn’t afford it; there was no way I couldn’t spare the time away from my family, my responsibilities for that long, to concentrate on me and my writing.

And yet….

Somehow, I found myself looking longingly at the application. Leaving it open on my computer and revisiting it. Thinking about how I would answer those questions, supposing, just supposing I was going to apply.

My hand reaching inexplicably towards the send button once I’d filled it all in ‘just to see’.

So, here’s the thing…

What if already, deep down inside yourself you knew what you could and should be doing to make yourself a better writer?

To further your career and improve your chances of success, if only believed in yourself, enough to try. To actually ‘push the button’ and commit.

What if there was a place where you could take time out of your everyday life to do just that?

To meet with a tribe of likeminded people to offer each other help, advice and encouragement.

To talk to people inside the industry about how commercial or not your ideas actually were and stop second guessing yourself.

Learning how to overcome your own fears and get out of your own way?

Turning you from someone who is hesitant about calling themselves a writer, to someone who is prepared to walk over broken glass and hot coals (sometimes literally!) to get their ideas made.

Talent Campus was that place for me.

So, if you find yourself next year, hesitating over whether to apply or not, trust that inner voice inside you.

Push the button…

Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Danielle Wager

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