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Talent Campers

Now we are post apocalyptic, I have been getting message after message from Talent Campers.

Each one a unique story, but all suggesting we could come together again to get back that energy and focus. I get it too, the pandemic and uncertain world we find ourselves in has left many of stalled, disconnected and unfocussed.  

Welcome to Talent Campus Re-Ignition!

When: October 7th and 8th
Where: Ealing Studios, W5
How Much: £167
Bonus: Friday Night Feast BBQ (October 6th evening – extra £10)*


You may or may not know that for the last year, aside from LondonSWF, I have also been directing Splinter Unit on Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 and it’s been the toughest experience of my life.

Everything I teach on Talent Campus has been stressed tested to breaking point on Mission.

And among so many other things, I would love to share these experiences.

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So what will Talent Campus Re-Ignition be like?

Friday Night BBQ Feast
An additional evening where we have no agenda other that to reconnect and share time together. Community is everything.

Day One: Primal Scream
To know where we are headed, we must look at where we have been. Where have things gone wrong and why? Where have things gone brilliantly and why? And we must let go of the past for the future to flourish.

Day Two: Re-Ignition
Re-align and re-declare our commitment to success in 2023 and beyond. No matter which Talent Campus you attended, 2023 is wildly different. Strikes, AI, War, Post Pandemic economics. How can we lean into the brave new future that screenwriting offers today AND SUCCEED?

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What Is TC Re-Ignition Going To Deliver?

Community… We come together to celebrate and elevate. To feel the energy of our tribe beside us, and to keep that energy and community alive, way beyond the event. Spend two days re-igniting the passion!

Energy… Let’s take it through the roof like never before! Yes there will be a firewalk BUT much longer and hotter! We will retrain our bodies, minds and souls to engage in our unstoppable Warrior states.

Lessons learned… So many Campers have stories to share, so let’s hear them so that we can all learn from these experiences. These lessons will have immediate impact on our choices for our career and projects for the future. Let’s train for a future we are living into and not a past that once was.

Immersion… Two full days (including the Friday Night Feast*) where we can let go, enjoy a primal scream into the void… Then recommit to a new future for 2023 and beyond.

Refocus… Get back that laser vision on exactly what you want and clear a direct pathyway toward it.

In conclusion…

  • Reconnection with our tribe.
  • Massive elevation in energy and focus.
  • Hard won lessons and insight from the screenwriting trenches
  • Your recommitment and clarification to YOUR journey ahead. Specifically.
  • We will leave as warriors ready for action.
  • We leave, shoulder to shoulder with our Talent Campus tribe with whom we can remain connected.

It’s time to not just check back in, but to fully recommit to YOUR vision, and to get battle-ready, for the cultural, corporate and creative evolution / revolution we are living through. Let’s look to the future with grit, determination, knowledge and courage.


  • Friday 7:00pm to 10:00pm Friday Night Feast BBQ*
  • Saturday 10:00am start to 9:00pm ends
  • Sunday 10:00am start to 4:00pm ends

BONUS: Friday Night Feast BBQ
We will provide the venue on Stage 4 at Ealing Studios, but to keep costs down, we are suggesting a more grassroots feast. Bring your own booze if you want to drink. The emphasis is simply on breaking bread together in the most welcoming and intimate manner possible.