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Talent Campus 4.0 WARNING! Expect Intense Ignition by Scott Davenport

I write this post from quite a raw place, just only hours after the “Ignition phase” has happened. In some ways this might be for the best. 

During Ignition we were shown a path that could lead to a deeper understanding; not just of our scripts, but also of the storytellers delving deeper into ourselves. As a tribe of 28, we journeyed into the woods, guided by extraordinary people, and along the way we faced challenges of different proportions; each one of us committed to this experience and this made the bond between us even greater.

What I would say if you are going to join talent campus is don’t think, just act. I dithered a little before applying, with my own limiting beliefs forcing me to say “Am I good enough?” or “Am I ready?”  The conclusion I came to was I either walk into the fire or I don’t even bother going to the festival at all. And yes, I won’t pull any punches, it has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster; but the support from the peers around you is absolutely amazing and beyond belief. I will add a caveat here though, that this can only happen if you leave your preconceptions at the door and be prepared to be open and honest with both yourself and your fellow campers.

So, all the TC 4.0 Story Warriors emerged from the woods and boarded a rocket. It ignited and is on it’s way upwards…

Scott Davenport
Talent Campus 4.0
Twitter: @scriptrocket

P.S. Free hugs included.

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