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Talent Campus 3.0: View from one camper, by Gareth Meredith

Talent Campus is now open for submissions HERE.

Before the talent campus, I found myself in a rut and questioning my own ability. This wasn’t limited to just writing, I quit my job and frankly I was just lost. I saw an email about the impending deadline for the Talent Campus and after a lot of thought I decided I had to apply, but not expecting to actually get in. After all, I had a voice in the back of my head saying I wasn’t good enough.

I received a call saying I got in. The Talent Campus affected me before I even started, someone at LSF thought I was good enough to put the effort into and now the voice that was saying give up was saying you need to step up and make this opportunity work for you.

I expected the Talent Campus to be largely a mix of lectures from world-class industry professionals and writing on your own projects. But it was so much more than that. You’ll read on the LSF blog about how the Talent Campus has helped them achieve success or changed them as people and as writers and as sceptical as I was, it does. It really does.

Here’s what I learnt and gained from 2017’s Talent Campus:

  • Don’t be your own worst enemy. The Talent Campus teaches you (the hard way) on how to overcome your fears and believe in yourself. The end result is that I have fallen in love with writing again and I ready to be a pitching machine and put myself out there without a fear of rejection. To cement overcoming fear, we even completed a charity fire walk (you can see the video and donate here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fifteen-feet-of-fear-firewalk-for-disabled-youth#/).
  • The sessions at the Talent Campus are excellent and mind altering, I’ve learnt a ton about marketing and story structure which will not only help me improve my writing, but also how to help market my work when it’s ready.
  • I have become part a tightly knit group of passionate writers and creators. The mentoring group I have become a part of is exceptional. Led by the incredible steely-eyed rocket man (long story) Bob Schultz, our group communicates regularly critiquing each other’s work and providing support. We have even started to work towards creating a short film, that’s how much drive this group has.


Chris and his brilliant team have created something very special with the Talent Campus and I am forever in their debt to them  for helping me find my passion back for writing again, giving me the tools to succeed and introducing me to a group of like-minded people that I hope to stay in contact with for years to come.

If you can, apply to Talent Campus next time. You won’t regret it.

Gareth Meredith

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