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Screenwriters’ Talent Campus 2015 Feedback from Amazing Delegates

Talent Campus_Weekend 1_035Here is a sample of some things the writers on the Talent Campus said about the opening weekend.

‘What an inspiring opening weekend to the Talent Campus, and thanks for putting me in room with such an amazing group of screenwriters’
David Hitchcox, Screenwriter

Talent Campus_Weekend 1_037

‘A mind-blowing ignition and immersion weekend in on the London Screenwriters Festival ‪#‎TalentCampus held in Ealing Studios, that was inspirational and educational rocket fuel.’
Dee Chilton, Screenwriter

‘The motivation and inspiration were superlative. I love the holistic approach of this course. So many pennies dropped it was like winning the jackpot on the slot machine.
KT Parker, Screenwriter

Talent Campus_Weekend 1_055‘Stephen Follows’ presentation on trends and data was hugely useful.’
Mark MacNicol – Screnwriter

‘I significantly amped-up my vision and goals for my career, spelled them out and committed to them by telling everyone else. John Yorke’s talk was super-useful as it’s virtually impossible to find anything on TV structure.
Kristina Day – Screenwriter

Talent Campus_Weekend 1_038‘I tweeted a photo as part of the live tweet exercise and a producer saw it, remembered my pitch to him at LSF two years ago and asked for me to get in touch!’
Phil Peel, Filmmaker and Screenwriter

‘I’ve re-ignited and I’m getting back in the game! John Yorke gave us the best explanation on story structure I have EVER heard’
Mike O’Reilly, Screenwriter

Previews_004-2‘John Yorke was amazing, the cave/forest/wood concept was a real ‘unlock’ moment.’
Matt Harlock, Filmmaker and Screenwriter

‘Lucy Hay gave us practical tips to up our profiles on social media. Chris later gave us an outstanding class on understanding our own behaviours and applying them to our characters.’
KT Parker – Screenwriter

Talent Campus_Weekend 1_086‘It was great writers-room environment.’
Rachel Paterson – Screenwriter

‘I really enjoyed the negotiation exercise and I now understand the importance of integrity and clear communication in negotiations.’
Rachel Patterson – Screenwriter

This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the BFI with National Lottery funds, through Skills Investment Fund.

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