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How One Talent Campus Writer Moved Into Direction by Vera Mark

Hey all, need to share some happy events with you.

Last week, my DP/editor and I finished the rough cut of our little film Blue Widow, which I wrote, produced and directed.

Home later that evening, I watched it on frame.io, and although I’ve seen all the scenes and takes countless times over the past two weeks, watching it all in one go and in the comfort of my living room, even before grading and with no music and sometimes even no sound, it was just a butterflies-in-my-tummy-inducing awesome thing to happen.

Whatever happens with this film, whether people will “get it” or not, whether they will laugh and giggle as much as we did in the editing room, how it’ll do at festivals and all that – this is one of the happiest moments of my past 15 years.

And it is definitely a milestone in a journey which started way way back and then, three years, ago got the booster rockets strapped on in the fabulous Talent Campus scheme.

Thank you Chris Jones and team, and thank you my TC 2.0 tribe for all the love and support and encouragement when I wanted to give up. And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to my Team Blue Widow – guys & dolls, I need another page-long blog post to say how fabulous you all are!

So, to anyone who wants to receive updates on this adventure, check out the @BlueWidowShort page here on FB and follow @BlueWidowShort, @VeraMark2010 and @dorianleo on Instagram!

Vera Mark


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