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Fifteen Feet of FEAR! Firewalk for Disabled Youth… Help us raise £3,000

Last week we ran the Talent Campus… And that included a Firewalk (www.FirewalkExperiene.co.uk) where everyone present would walk the embers barefoot for charity. Specifically for a charity called READY who support kids with disabilities who need special equipment for their mobility.

These are two extraordinary groups of people – the kids who want more from life, and the talent campers who committed to face what was for some, extreme fear.

You can watch the video here and please contribute anything you can afford to the campaign too… we need to raise £3k and we are almost halfway there.


Thank you in advance, your contribution validates our delegates who were NOT fearless, in fact they were filled with fear and yet STILL faced up to it. And of course the kids whose daily challenges dwarf even the fieriest of firewalks!

Onwards and upwards!

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