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Applications for Talent Campus Are Open

What is Talent Campus?

A seven day and five week (work from home part) training programme for Screenwriters. It will massively improve commercial viability in your projects as well as elevate your professional standards, and industry relationships available to you.

Over the five days of career ‘Ignition’ training, followed by five weeks writing at home, and then the final two days of Momentum training, we create breakthroughs and acceleration, we illuminate a clear pathway, and connect you with powerful industry leaders as well as a new screenwriting peer group.

The FINAL Talent Campus for 2019 will be Talent Campus 7.0 (before we begin work on our exciting new event codenamed LSFAccelerate).

We just concluded the last Talent Campus with the 28 campers blasting off into the creative stratosphere.

Repeatedly I heard two things from these campers…

First… ‘I nearly didn’t apply because I thought I wasn’t ready…and I am so glad I did, I had no idea how ready I really was…’

And second…

‘I had heard it was good, even life changing… I was cynical about this, but it’s not only true, it exceeded my expectations…’

So if you are a Screenwriter or Filmmaker who wants a MASSIVE elevation in one single hit, you should apply for the Screenwriters Talent Campus.

We are hoping to secure Screen Skills bursaries again to help with the cost of participation. Numbers are limited to twenty eight.

What will you get if you attend?

  • A screenwriting and career mentor
  • Repeated realignment on practical career goals with clear strategies to achieve them
  • A strong and lifelong screenwriting peer group and community
  • An overload of screenwriting info, both craft and business
  • Clarity and tools to commercially re-align your work and yourself as a professional screenwriter

The shift in energy and focus, as well as the elevation in your writing, professional relationships and overall confidence is why Talent Campus works so well.

It’s immersion training too, which is why it sticks. Like glue.

It’s locked into a peer group, which is why it works BEYOND the event. Not just for a few weeks.

There’s some feedback HERE….

And you can read about the overall Talent Campus HERE…

Apply. And buckle up for a creative adventure of a lifetime.

Chris Jones

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