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First thoughts from the Screenwriters Talent Campus 2015

Previews_006I am on a high after #Skillset #TalentCampus 2015! Three amazing days.

First, huge thanks to Chris and Garlen for organising and bringing together a great group of people.  We got to know each other, heard amazing stories and, guess what, this is just the start!

Highlights for me included the introductory team game that managed to be educational, illusion-shattering and inspirational all at the same time.

Later, we had incredibly useful market analysis from Stephen Follows, reminding us that this is an industry and we need to understand the stats to sell into the right places.

Previews_004-2John Yorke gave a new slant on story structure, cutting right through the theories we’d heard before.  Together, Stephen and John did a great job putting us on the right track.

Probably the highlight of the three days was Kate Leys’ extraordinary live story analysis as we’ve never seen it before!  Kate’s Dragon’s Den assessment of our ideas was kind, honest and incisive, and gave us a lot to think about.  For most of us, it came at an early enough stage of our script development to save us heading off too far in the wrong direction.  I now need to choose between two films…

Last but not least we had the fantastic group – new writers with some jaw-droppingly good stories and the ability to make things happen.  We have to make these films. We want to see them!  Firing on all cylinders now. Here’s to the next three months and everything that follows!  Look forward to seeing you @londonswf

Louise Vale
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This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the BFI with National Lottery funds, through Skills Investment Fund.

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