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Lucy V Hay. // Script Editor, Structure, Genre, & Character Specialist

Experienced Script Editor Specialising In Genre
Lucy V. Hay is a script editor, author & blogger who helps writers. She’s been the script editor on numerous UK features & shorts, working for indie prodcos, investors, screen agencies, producers, directors & individual writers. Here’s just some. See more at her website.

Lucy a script editor and author at Bang2write, where she helps writers craft and sell their stories for film, TV, and digital media. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, working with new and established writers, including award-winners including BFI New Voices, BAFTA, and Oscar.

Lucy specialises in structure, character, role function, and genre, especially thriller and sitcom. She has also edited and advised on numerous UK features and shorts. Besides script editing, Lucy is also a blogger, content marketer, and public speaker on screenwriting and storytelling.

Lucy runs the popular Bang2write blog, where tips, insights, and resources are shared for writers of all levels and backgrounds. Lucy also writes and publishes crime novels and screenwriting guides under various pen names, such as LV Hay and Lizzie Fry. Her ongoing mission is to empower and inspire writers to tell their stories with passion, creativity, and diversity.


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