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Chris Jones // LSF Founder, Filmmaker, Author

Credits include the Oscar®-shortlisted Gone Fishing; author of the Guerilla Handbooks, Mission Impossible 7 and 8 (Splinter unit)

Passionate about all things film, Chris has spent his life watching movies, making movies and helping others make their movies too.

Chris is currently directing Splinter Unit on Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning, parts 1 and 2 for Paramount.  He is also the Exec Producer on an Apple TV+ five part docu-drama that is in post production.

Deeper into his past, early major projects include action thriller ‘The Runner’, serial killer thriller ‘White Angel’ and paranormal horror ‘Urban Ghost Story’.

Chris co-created and authored The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series, published by Blomsbury.  There are now eight books in the series.

More recently, Chris has run a series of London based festivals, kicking off with the London Screenwriters Festival which attracts over 1,000 professional screenwriters from around the globe annually. He also setup and run TEDxEaling, an annual TEDx conference on storytelling and human communication.

In 2009, Chris made the multi-award winning and Oscars shortlisted ‘Gone Fishing’, the whole process being heavily documented on his blog.

In 2014 Chris completed my fourth feature film, the crowd created 50 Kisses which entered the Guinness Book Of Records for most screenwriters on a feature film. Following this success, he founded Create50 to continue the idea of crowd created projects. Twisted50, the first book was published on Halloween 2016 and immediately toppled Stephen King from the top spot on Amazon. Four books have followed in the Twisted50 series.

During the summer of 2016 Chris trained to become a master Firewalk instructor and he now regularly takes people across the hot coals for charity.

Late 2017 Chris directed the short film ‘Seeing Him‘ which collected a ton of awards too. Over the following years he has continued to make award winning shorts, such as Meet The Nativity and Never Too Late.

In the Summer of 2022 Chris premiered Impact 50, the second feature length move out of Create50. This time he directed the segment at the start of the film, with Olivia Williams as the President, and written by Joe Eszterhas.

Summer 2022 and Chris also joined the Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 productions as Splinter Unit director.

Halloween 2023, and the ApplTV+ show which he co-exec produced, ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ premiered.

Chris runs regular film making workshops for filmmakers both online and in person.

Some people ask how Chris began making films? Like most filmmakers of his generation, it was with a Super 8mm camera, summertime and school friends, usually after watching a Behind The Scenes TV program on a Hollywood movie like Star Wars. His first film was a Zombie horror called Necronomicon, heavily influenced by John Carpenters ‘The Fog’. And he was hooked for life.

Contact Chris at Ealing Film Studios, Ealing Green, London, W5 5EP, UK


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