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Talent Campus Rocks! What a ride! By Sharon Axcell

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Even having read all the testimonials, reviews, the agenda… I wasn’t convinced. But something told me to go anyway. Something had to change. I’d been hidden away for too long. Been telling myself those stories, giving excuses – that my work wasn’t good enough… that I wasn’t “good enough”. It seems so cliché, yet I […]

My Life Post Talent Campus by screenwriter Jo Ragett

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It’s been 9 weeks, 3 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes since my official Talent Campus journey ended. What a ride!! Nothing has changed in my life but EVERYTHING has changed! The most amazing thing that’s happened within those nine weeks is that I now have two, yes TWO, writing credits! No, I can’t believe […]

Talent Campus: Mentoring… One view from a mentee turned coach

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If you are still on the fence about applying, now is the time to throw caution to the wind and just get that application in – what have you got to lose? You don’t HAVE to go, even if you get in, but you won’t have that choice, if you don’t apply. Talent Campus has had a massive impact on me and my writing and you can read about some of this…

Applications for Talent Campus Are Open

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APPLY FOR TALENT CAMPUS HERE What is Talent Campus? A seven day and five week (work from home part) training programme for Screenwriters. It will massively improve commercial viability in your projects as well as elevate your professional standards, and industry relationships available to you. Over the five days of career ‘Ignition’ training, followed by […]

What happens at the Talent Campus Crucible Party?

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The new conclusion to Talent Campus is an industry party that we throw for the campers. The ratio is around one camper to two guests – agents, directors, producers etc. Ahead of the event we spend the whole day training how to be the most effective person in the room and this causes writers to […]

Talent Campus 6.0 First Feedback Is In…

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As we closed the final day of the first phase of Talent Campus 6.0 last Sunday, I asked for some comments from the 27 campers who attended. These are the brave souls who experienced the screenwriters jet propulsion lab that is Talent Campus Ignition. Applications for Talent Campus are now open and we hope we […]

Talent Campus 5.0… ‘it’s been monumental’

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We just ran our fifth Talent Campus and the first emailed fedback is coming in. If you want to know more about Talent Campus 6.0 and apply, you can do that HERE. ‘Utterly transformative week. I am so tired I could (and may) sleep for a week, but my god it’s been monumental’ Angela Clarke, […]