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Talent Campus Rocks! What a ride! By Sharon Axcell

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Even having read all the testimonials, reviews, the agenda… I wasn’t convinced. But something told me to go anyway. Something had to change. I’d been hidden away for too long. Been telling myself those stories, giving excuses – that my work wasn’t good enough… that I wasn’t “good enough”. It seems so cliché, yet I […]

Writer JK Murphy on her TC Journey… Californian Dreaming!

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Flash back to the London Screenwriters’ Festival, 2016. During the festival’s closing presentation, I sat next to someone who said he was part of the Talent Campus. Newbie that I was, I had no idea what he was talking about. After reading up on it, it seemed to be composed of screenwriters who, although emerging, […]

My Life Post Talent Campus by screenwriter Jo Ragett

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It’s been 9 weeks, 3 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes since my official Talent Campus journey ended. What a ride!! Nothing has changed in my life but EVERYTHING has changed! The most amazing thing that’s happened within those nine weeks is that I now have two, yes TWO, writing credits! No, I can’t believe […]

Talent Campus: Mentoring… One view from a mentee turned coach

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If you are still on the fence about applying, now is the time to throw caution to the wind and just get that application in – what have you got to lose? You don’t HAVE to go, even if you get in, but you won’t have that choice, if you don’t apply. Talent Campus has had a massive impact on me and my writing and you can read about some of this…

Talent Campus 4.0 WARNING! Expect Intense Ignition by Scott Davenport

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I write this post from quite a raw place, just only hours after the “Ignition phase” has happened. In some ways this might be for the best.  During Ignition we were shown a path that could lead to a deeper understanding; not just of our scripts, but also of the storytellers delving deeper into ourselves. […]

Talent Campus Reflections by Danielle Wager… Apply next time!

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Talent Campus is now open for submissions HERE. I wasn’t supposed to apply for Talent Campus this year, never mind get into it! I and my writing were nowhere near good enough I told myself. In my mind that was just a known fact. I’d looked at the application, and discussed it with my partner.  […]

Talent Campus 3.0: Licence to Write by Iris May

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Talent Campus is now open for submissions… HERE. You couldn’t have convinced me that four days would be nearly long enough to transform me into the person I am today – a glowing, confident version of myself that I was unable to tap into a week ago. Yet here we are. A team of unstoppable […]

Talent Campus 3.0… Facing my fears by Leah Dike

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Talent Campus is now open for submissions HERE. LSF 2016, John Yorke day. I was sat in the auditorium, minding my own business, when a crowd of people entered, whooping their heads off and waving their arms wildly. “Who are these fruit loops?” I wondered. When they had settled, (disturbingly close to me) I asked […]