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Screenwriters’ Talent Campus 2015 Feedback from Amazing Delegates

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Here is a sample of some things the writers on the Talent Campus said about the opening weekend. ‘What an inspiring opening weekend to the Talent Campus, and thanks for putting me in room with such an amazing group of screenwriters’ David Hitchcox, Screenwriter ‘A mind-blowing ignition and immersion weekend in on the London Screenwriters […]

The Explosive FIRST EVER Screenwriters’ Talent Campus by Mark MacNicol

A group of people stand and smile for a photo in a room with black and red walls. Some wear name badges, and a few chairs are visible in the foreground.

My first Talent Campus experience was also my introduction to Airbnb. The night before we started I met the three men I would be sharing a house with in Ealing for four nights. A heavily tattooed Russian, a smiling Colombian and an Albanian who didn’t seem to blink. None of them spoke English but that […]

First thoughts from the Screenwriters Talent Campus 2015

A group of seven people are sitting and conversing in a casual, relaxed setting with notebooks and water bottles on a coffee table. Four people are on couches, two on chairs, and one person is standing.

I am on a high after #Skillset #TalentCampus 2015! Three amazing days. First, huge thanks to Chris and Garlen for organising and bringing together a great group of people.  We got to know each other, heard amazing stories and, guess what, this is just the start! Highlights for me included the introductory team game that […]